Elgin Brass Band

For 22 years, Craig Johnson has had a strong association with The Salvation Army in his hometown of Elgin, Ill. In 1992, at the suggestion of LaVerne Weber, a musician friend at his church who wanted to help the Army increase red–kettle contributions, Craig assembled a brass quartet consisting of Craig, LaVerne, and his children. 

‘Later in that initial season, we added other young players to make two more quartets, each playing three–hour sessions,’ Craig says. ‘The next year we added more players and called the teams, “Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh.”’ 

Since then, the crew has grown to include more than two dozen adult and student brass players. Some adult band members have played together now for more than a decade. During kettle season, the Elgin Brass Band plays every Saturday. Craig describes their efforts as ‘win–win–win.’

‘Store customers hear beautiful music pointing to Jesus and honor Him with generous contributions. The players enjoy the camaraderie, and people in need receive the blessing.’


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