Dear Sisters in Christ,

Easter is a reminder of the incredible power of God as we think once again of mind-blowing resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. However not everyone saw it that way at the time.

In the Gospels we read of two men who left Jerusalem to go to Emmaus. They were disturbed and deeply saddened by the events that had taken place. Something significant happened to them on that journey which utterly transformed them. Having shared a meal with someone who they thought was a complete stranger—they are suddenly energized. And instead of going to sleep after their meal they decided to go back to Jerusalem immediately.

What was the reason? It was during the evening meal—when the stranger who had joined them and walked with them said grace—that they suddenly recognized that this was no stranger. Jesus then disappeared from their sight. Jesus who they thought was dead was alive! This was so extraordinary that they needed to share this good news with the other disciples. When they arrived back in Jerusalem the disciples told them: “It is true! The Lord has risen and has appeared to Simon” (Luke 24:34). What excitement there must have been between the disciples! What had started as a terrible day was transformed into a memorable day. All because of a meeting with the risen Jesus! All because of the realization that Jesus had indeed conquered death!

Even today, this is what can happen when we meet with the risen Lord—he can give hope where there is no hope! Sometimes because of our sorrow, affliction and despair, like the two men, we do not recognize that Jesus is walking beside us, that he is talking to us. He has promised to be with us every day, until the end!

As we once again celebrate Easter, let us open our eyes, and see the risen Lord beside us. Together let us sing:

“Thine is the glory,
Risen, conquering Son;
Endless is the victory
Thou o’er death hast won.”
Edmond Louis Budry

With my warmest greetings,

Silvia Cox, Commissioner
World President of Women’s Ministries

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