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Detoxifying Your Soul

DetoxifyingYourSoulRecycle Your Garbage

As we think about the detoxification of our soul—eliminating the impurities—we see much that needs to be thrown away. But don’t throw away the important lessons learned from your “pre–Christ days.” Recalling those lessons is God’s form of recycling. He doesn’t waste anything, including our mistakes. Everything that has happened in our lives can be reused for our growth and for His glory.

Have you seen the “I Want to Be Recycled” campaign on TV?  In one of the commercials, someone faithfully recycles a plastic bottle. At the end of the ad, we see that the bottle, along with other recyclable items, has been transformed into support beams for a new park bench.

What catches my eye every time I watch these advertisements is their slogan: “Give your garbage new life.” Clever, huh?  Every time I read that, I think about the “new life” my “garbage” has received.

I’m not speaking of the bottle and cans I’ve placed in a recycling bin. I’m talking about all my bad decisions, hurtful words, and selfish actions. I’m talking about the sins I’ve committed. If they aren’t “garbage,” then I don’t know what is!

Maybe we ought to add recycling to our confession process. Once we are aware that we’ve yielded to temptation, and then, through confession, sought and found God’s grace, we ought to spend time looking at our pattern of sin with eyes eager to see transformation.

What can we learn from our sin pattern that will make us spiritually stronger and grow deeper in our relationship with Christ?

When I look back at my selfishness and see the garbage I’ve left in its wake, I want to make changes—to my words, thoughts, actions, and reactions.

And to go deeper, I need to know what I want to change, and why. To follow Christ more closely means changing my motivations, intentions, and expectations. All of that can come, if I willingly participate in the transformation process.

Have you looked at your garbage lately? How can it be recycled into something that reflects Christ?
How can you give your garbage a new life?

part five of a five–part series
by Major Lauren Hodgson

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