Dedicated Doctors & Musicians

DedicatedDoctorsMusicians_1WINTER 2000
Norman Raymond

‘I am totally sold out to the Lord. My life is nothing short of that. Everything I do is to His honor and His glory—from when I get up in the morning to when I finally lay my head to rest.’


DedicatedDoctorsMusicians_2SPRING 2001
Martha Jenson

On witnessing:

‘There are many opportunities, such as looking in a child’s ear and saying, “It’s amazing how God put us together and how this tiny little structure produces hearing for us.” I’ll witness like that.’

Cindy–Lou Drummond 

‘I really feel that first, I’m a Christian; second, I’m called to preach the Gospel; and third, I’ve been given the privilege of practicing medicine.’

DedicatedDoctorsMusicians_3WINTER 2001
Susi Burton

‘Many people, when they become Christians, soon settle into a comfortable pattern. But Susi’s not doing that. She’s willing to open herself up and venture out of her own comfort zone and take chances, and so God uses her in [surprising] ways.’ —Betty Lathery




DedicatedDoctorsMusicians_4SPRING 2001
Ken Burton, Order of the founder 

On his work as a banker:

‘I try to see through things and where people can work things out. … I think God has placed me here to help.’


DedicatedDoctorsMusicians_5SUMMER 2002
Eric Dina 

‘I try not to hide from being a Christian. I am a Christian first, then a trumpeter or pianist, whatever the case may be.’



DedicatedDoctorsMusicians_6WINTER 2003
Stephen bulla 

Bulla was staff arranger for ‘The President’s Own’ U.S. Marine Band. ‘… it was Salvation Army music programs that gave me so many early opportunities and ultimately led me to find Christ at the center of my life and eventually all my work.’



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