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On Saturday, February 18th men gathered together from all over the Pennsylvania and Delaware area to learn, to laugh and bond.  The event was Dads and Lads, a cool rhyming name for a day dedicated to men coming together to spend a day with their children.  Some of the children were sons by birth, and others young men from the Corps (church), but all being mentored by example and word.  Major Israel Acosta, Divisional Secretary and Men’s Ministry Secretary led worship and welcomed the men from the different Corps in PENDEL.

All in all, over 110 men and young men came together to enjoy food, fellowship, and fun.  The event was held in the Camden Kroc Center equipped with almost everything, and a pool that was enjoyed at the end of the day!  As their instructor and Men’s Ministry Secretary, I had a great time sharing my testimony, some scripture and, leading the men to deeper communication with their sons.  I’m glad that my eleven-year-old son Jason got up early enough to attend.  He can attest that the day was a hit, “especially the waterpark afterward!”



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