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Willie and Sadie Robertson

They entered Saturday’s “Strikepoint” session to the strains of “We Are Family,” a 1970s song made popular by Sister Sledge.

The “Generation to Generation” event included T–shirt guns and games and a talk based on the acronym “D.U.C.K.” (D=Depend on God, U=United in Love, C=Continue to Share, and K=Know You Belong). That’s because the special guests were Willie Robertson and his daughter Sadie Robertson from the A&E TV Network’s popular reality show, “Duck Dynasty.”

During a Q & A, an interviewer asked Willie about how he passes his faith in God to his children.

“You have to live it out,” he said. “It’s more important how you live than what you say.”

Sadie responded to a question on how she fits in as a young Christian. The audience applauded her when she revealed that when she needed confidence in who she was, she realized that “I needed to be confident in God.”

Willie talked about how the show exploded in growth. He compared the family to the persona of John the Baptist, who dressed oddly and may have looked a little funny, but pointed people to Jesus.

DUCK_smHe also shared the dramatic testimony of his father, Phil Robertson, who led a wild life but decided to return to his family. In doing so, he had a major impact on the lives of his children and beyond.

“Now, 40 years later, that one decision ended up really affecting millions of people,” Robertson said, referring to their loyal TV audience.

Following the presentation, the Robertsons signed autographs and posed for photos. And, during a short interview with SAConnects, he said he was impressed by The Salvation Army’s “family focus.”

“Families need a lot of help and structure and I’m just glad The Salvation Army is really acknowledging that and helping families at their core,” he said. “[The Army] does so much good work all over the world.

“My testimony is that I believe in Jesus and that’s worked for me,” Robertson said.

Two breakout sessions followed the “Strikepoint” event. Included were such topics as “Discipleship Within the Family” with Majors James and Sue-Ellen Betts, general secretary and secretary for program for the Greater New York Division; and “Everyday Mission,” led by Envoys James and Vangerl Pegues.

The Pegueses, leaders of the Troy, N.Y., Corps, offered plenty of tips on urban ministry. They also shared their dramatic and heartfelt testimonies.

“When you touch one person, you touch so many,” Envoy Vangerl said. “Then they become the second and the third generation of Salvationists.”

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