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31 May 2020

Fishes and loaves

In mid–May, the Massachusetts Environmental Police thought something was “fishy” near the town of Fairhaven. They ended up seizing 250 pounds of fresh scup (porgy) fish from a suspected illegal

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29 May 2020

Room service–styled eating

When a local homeless shelter in Portsmouth, N.H., lost its volunteers because of COVID–19, the city’s AC Hotel stepped into the gap to provide daily meals. The hotel also decided

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29 May 2020

Ministry to all

The Salvation Army had anticipated that 2020 would be its year to gain a sharper vision of the future. Then COVID–19 happened and the world’s entire socioeconomic landscape suddenly blurred.

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28 May 2020

Finding love in the age of COVID

Major Nancy Townsend was a retired officer and had been a widow for five years when Salvation Army leaders asked her to take over the Athol, Mass., Corps, last October.

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27 May 2020

Masking their disappointment

Ohio charter school helps The Salvation Army The girls’ robotics team at Horizon Science Academy Columbus High School in Ohio was disappointed last month when COVID–19 canceled the state competitions.

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25 May 2020

Back in business

Ohio’s six Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARCs) and their accompanying Family Stores reopened the week of May 11, albeit slowly and under the safety precautions of the “new normal.” The ARCs

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Spiritual Life Development

22 May 2020

Little by Little

I have enjoyed the sitcom Modern Family. I think it is smartly written, well-casted and quite funny. There is an episode where the Dunphy family is leaving for a vacation

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19 May 2020

When You Can’t Do What You Do…

“When you can’t do what you do, you do what you can…” sings Bon Jovi inviting us to continue singing our personal stories. What songs are you singing? Isabella Muniz,

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27 Apr 2020

Back to Normal

I have lived in Africa through the height of the HIV pandemic.  In Sub-Saharan Africa alone, approx. 25% of the population were infected with HIV and over 1 million people

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