CFOTCommissioning 2020

Counting Down the Days

The Messengers of the Kingdom are ready to follow wherever God leads. And they’ve been looking forward to it.

For at least the past two years the Messengers of the Kingdom have been preparing for their Commissioning as Salvation Army officers. And for the past 96 days, they have been counting down the days.

It’s an exhilarating time at the College for Officer Training with everyone looking ahead. Classes are over and grades are turned in. Projects are done. Exams have been toiled over with one or two all-nighters thrown in.

This year has presented its own challenges with quarantines, social distancing and new ways of learning and ministering to one another. In their own way, the Messengers of the Kingdom are uniquely equipped to join the ranks.

These past months have included so much. Beyond the practical ministry, academics, and leadership training, the community has found ways to stick together without falling apart. We have celebrated milestones approaching Commissioning. The video below is a quick and fun reflection on the countdown.

Please continue to pray for the Messengers of the Kingdom as they head out for their first appointments and the Messengers of Grace as they learn and minister through their summer assignments. Keep the officers throughout the territory in your prayers as well. Moving or not, there’s a great deal ahead for each of them.

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