The Corps Mission Profile (CMP) is the annual review process whereby each corps in the territory reviews the previous year and plans for ministry moving forward. Above, you will find a message from Territorial Program Secretary Colonel LaBossiere outlining the purpose, scope, and importance of this process. Directly below that is a video walk-through covering how to complete the CMP materials. Clicking on the large green button below will take you directly to the CMP online submission form. Below that, you will find attached a .pdf copy of the CMP document, as well as the Schedule of Activities document. Click here to view a group of Salvationists discussing the topic of Vision Casting that may be helpful to your team as you enter into this process together. If you have any questions, please contact your Divisional Program Secretary for assistance.


Click to view, download, and print the CMP document.


CMP – English


CMP Spanish






Click to view, download, and print the Schedule of Mission Activities document.


Schedule of Mission Activities




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