Company On The Pier

The Army On Its Toes Dance Company will be featured several times a night during Salvation Army Week on the Old Orchard Beach pier stage. You may have caught a glimpse of what is to come during their high energy performance at the Territorial Star Search Awards Show. Their new piece Rally is a recent collaboration with DJ Morph and Rell, initiated by Salvation Factory; the words of an old hymn, spun in to a new beat. 
You might recognize the music for the Search The Limits finale, as it is the same as last year – but with a brand new twist! The final 15 minutes of every evening will feature Company dancers, lead by Erin Morgan’s artistic vision. This time, circus arts are being incorporated with Aerialist, Kathryn Higgins flying high! New LED costume elements will bring this piece to light.


Search The Limits, Cosmic Finale
9:30pm every night @ OOB Pier
July 29-August 4, 2017


The final stop in Company’s 2016/17 season, OOB is your last opportunity to catch some of the year’s best work such as Bird Set Free and The Love Of Christ Compels. Sick of the old stuff? Some soloists are breaking out with original work seen only at the Pavilion stage. Catch Emily and Abigail Pastin in Soli Deo Gloria alongside the Canadian Staff Band, one time only on Sunday, August 30th in the morning. If lyrical is more your thing, they will also be featured every other night (along with younger sister Megan) at the Pier in The Prayer, supported by Summer Brass.

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