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Commissioners Swanson to launch Twitter, blog sites

What if you could communicate directly with our territorial leaders? What would you talk about? What would you want them to tell you?

“Commissioner Barry Swanson wants to establish a wider and a younger audience,” said Jon Knaggs, newly appointed social media director for the territorial Communications Department. “And he also wants to become more accessible and open to receiving comments and feedback. He wants you to hear from him—directly. And with social media, that’s really possible.”

Since using Twitter, a recognized social media site, Commissioner Swanson has become more spontaneous as he expresses what the Lord is saying to him—moment by moment. And such sites are where a growing number of Salvationists, and other people are being found.

“We need to go where the people are,” said Knaggs
“We need to go where the people are,” said Knaggs. Just as in times past, Salvationists made their presence felt in the pubs of England or the American bars to reach the lost, today on the Internet, they are reaching a vast number of people with the message of Christ.

The Commissioners Swanson will write their blog together, participating on alternate weeks. They anticipate that each will establish a general audience as well as his or her own following. “Commissioner Sue will add a whole different flavor,” said Knaggs. “And this joint venture sets them apart from their peers in The Salvation Army.”

As the blog develops, readers will enjoy an easy–to–use but powerful search engine that will organize the posts topically. “So, if you want to read just his posts, or just her posts, or just the Strike Points, or posts on spirituality, family, or leadership, you’ll be able to search for, sort, and read those posts” said Knaggs.

Follow Commissioners Barry C. and Sue Swanson blog:
Follow Commissioner Barry C. Swanson on Twitter: @BarryCSwanson
Follow Jon Knaggs on Twitter: @jonknaggs

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