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Commissioner George Leonard Nelting

June 20, 1918—October 18, 2013

Commissioner George Leonard Nelting was promoted to Glory from Clearwater, Fla.

George was born to George L. Sr. and Helen Nelting of Brooklyn. He grew up in Brooklyn schools and received further education at Rhodes Preparatory College, New York University School of Religious Education, and at The Salvation Army’s International College for Officers (1953).

George grew up in the Baptist church but was attracted to the Army through his first wife, the former Kathleen McKeag. George was active at the Bushwick, N.Y., Corps, where he took charge of open–air meetings and led a company meeting class and songsters.

Answering the call to full–time service, George and Kathleen entered officer training from the Bushwick Corps as members of the Steadfast session.

Their first appointment after commissioning was the famous Times Square Corps. For four years there, the Neltings ministered to the multitudes who thronged the “Great White Way” and planned programs for young people in the “Hell’s Kitchen” section of the city.

The Neltings later served at several other corps in New York and at numerous divisional and territorial appointments in USA East and Central.

George also served at NHQ as national chief secretary.

In 1976, Kathleen was promoted to Glory. The Lord, realizing his need for another helpmate, sent Captain Juanita Prine into his life; they married in 1977.

Five months later, George and Juanita were appointed to IHQ and George was named the international secretary for Africa and the Far East. George was later appointed to lead The Salvation Army in the Netherlands.

In 1982, the Neltings returned to the USA Central Territory as territorial leaders.

The Neltings retired from active service in 1985 and settled in Clearwater, Fla., but maintained an energetic ministry of teaching and preaching. The couple traveled across the country and Canada as speakers and Bible teachers at many conferences.

They were called upon to conduct Bible seminars and Officers Councils in Brazil, Chile, and Bolivia.

When they were not traveling, the Neltings conducted the adult Bible class each Sunday morning at the Clearwater Corps for 17 years. They also taught for two weeks during selected summers at Star Lake Lodge in New Jersey.

Survivors includ his wife, Commissioner Juanita Nelting of Clearwater, Fla.; a daughter, Major Jean Nelting of Ocala, Fla.; a sister, Adaline Respass of Stanhope, N.J.; a daughter–in–law, Linda Nelting of Ocala, Fla.; three sisters–in–law; a brother–in–law: and one granddaughter. A son, Timothy, was promoted to Glory in 2009. Cards may be sent to Commissioner Juanita Nelting, 2440 World Parkway Blvd, No. 14, Clearwater, FL 33763–0029. E–Mail:

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