Chicago Kroc Meets Richardson Family’s Needs

ChicagoKrocMeetsRichardsonFamilysNeeds_301Saeed and Anne Richardson had relocated to Chicago in 2012 and were looking for a church that would be right for their whole family. Saeed came to the Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center for a ‘Real Men Cook’ event. When he read the Salvation Army’s mission statement, he felt confirmed in his heart that this could be the church for his family. 

Since being at the Kroc Center, Anne and Saeed have seen how God has brought each one of them to The Salvation Army to become a part of ministry. Anne and Saeed were enrolled as senior soldiers. Jeslyn, 8, who was enrolled as a junior soldier last December, takes pride in her new role and wears a uniform; she says she feels as if she is representing God to the world.

Anne and Saeed are grateful that their 4–year–old son, Jonathan, is cared for and learns much in the Kid Zone. They are amazed at how they have seen their pre–schooler grow in his prayer life and talk about his Bible lessons at home.ChicagoKrocMeetsRichardsonFamilysNeeds_2

“My children have fallen in love with the Kroc Center,” Anne says.

Anne and Saeed are leading the couples ministry, where God is using them to help people grow stronger in their relationships. Anne is part of the praise team and uses her gifts in praise dancing. She loves prayer ministry and working with women, and she teaches preteen Sunday school. Saeed leads Bible studies and Sunday school. In addition, he works with the boys in a “stepping” class.

The Richardsons are now interested in becoming Salvation Army officers.

“Being engaged in full–time ministry with my wife has been a long–lost dream since we were in college,” says Saeed. “To realize that dream brings joy and excitement to my heart and our relationship.”ChicagoKrocMeetsRichardsonFamilysNeeds_3

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