25 Aug 2014

‘We are the leaders …’

very speaker looks at his or her audience and thinks, I know what I want to say, but I wonder what they are going to hear. That was me as

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18 Aug 2014

Strikepoint: ‘El Espíritu Santo sabe hacerse cargo’

l Comisionado Barry C. Swanson dio inicio a un día de cuatro talleres “Strikepoint” durante el Fin de Semana de Comisionamiento en Hershey, Pensilvania, diciendo que sólo las personas serias

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13 Aug 2014

‘Passionate’ about hope

t’s a sweltering summer day in the troubled Kensington neighborhood of North Philadelphia. The sun is shining, but an elevated train trestle casts an ominous shadow over a section of

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11 Jul 2014

‘So you want to be a disciple?’

Ordained and commissioned for service solemn and reflective service began by remembering, via a video accompanied by music, the names and faces of each Eastern officer who was promoted to

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11 Jul 2014

Strikepoint: ‘The Holy Spirit can handle it’

ommissioner Barry C. Swanson began a day of four “Strikepoint” workshops during Commissioning Weekend in Hershey, Pa., by saying that only serious people need apply. “There’s a message here today

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04 Jun 2014

Commissioning: STRIKEPOINT

Want to download the Program? All words to songs are included click here

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