31 Aug 2018

Ancient grains for modern tables

Farro, millet, quinoa, and sorghum are all ancient grains, which is the name for cereal crops that have been largely unchanged in the past several hundred years. Here’s a variety

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05 Jul 2018

Guys, How’s Your Health?

These tips can help you live long and well. Get routine medical and dental exams. Maintain a strong relationship with your providers. Sound sleep can help you feel your best

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01 Apr 2018

Don’t live to eat — eat to live

Obesity is one of the issues we struggle with most in American society. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that one third (36.5 percent) of adults are obese, which

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01 Oct 2017

Benefits of Fasting

The discipline of fasting (willing abstinence, for a time, from eating) is enjoying a revival. In Scripture, fasting is associated with being humbled or afflicting oneself. If you delay for

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