11 Mar 2020

Finding Life Support

Brendaliz Arroyo, a social service case worker, welcomes every woman she meets at the Salvation Army’s Greenfield, Mass., Corps. They walk into her office and see a proud mother. Her

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31 Jan 2020

Five Constants

I was asked to share with you five things which make me the person that I am. God, by His Spirit, has dubbed them “constants” or invariables; not subject to

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02 Oct 2019

Fight forward
Surviving sexual abuse

Brenda Crouch is author of Fight Forward: Reclaim the Real You, a new book designed to bring hope to survivors of sexual abuse. Crouch is a TV host, speaker, author,

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30 Aug 2019

Speaking the Language of the Deaf

Twenty years ago, before I joined The Salvation Army, I attended Robles de Justicia Christian Church in Puerto Rico. During a Tuesday service, I saw a beautiful young woman walk

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03 Apr 2019

The Ark of Safety

I was born into a Christian family that loved the Lord and attended church every Sunday. During one service, a minister spoke about the importance of always being with God

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05 Jul 2018

With God next to me

When addicts enter the Harbor Light Complex for the first time, I remind them that, throughout their recovery, they will never be alone. I will be there for them, but

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02 Jun 2018

In Uniform

Juan Hernandez has always admired people in uniform. When he was just a child, a police officer from Brooklyn befriended his family. Back then, Juan was so sick, he couldn’t

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