01 Apr 2020

Kenny’s Story

We always say, “If this show reaches only one person, it will all be worth it.”  Kenny was that person. We had the privilege to perform Skeleton Army at Ladore’s Family

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11 Mar 2020

Finding Life Support

Brendaliz Arroyo, a social service case worker, welcomes every woman she meets at the Salvation Army’s Greenfield, Mass., Corps. They walk into her office and see a proud mother. Her

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31 Jan 2020

Five Constants

I was asked to share with you five things which make me the person that I am. God, by His Spirit, has dubbed them “constants” or invariables; not subject to

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02 Oct 2019

Fight forward
Surviving sexual abuse

Brenda Crouch is author of Fight Forward: Reclaim the Real You, a new book designed to bring hope to survivors of sexual abuse. Crouch is a TV host, speaker, author,

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30 Aug 2019

Speaking the Language of the Deaf

Twenty years ago, before I joined The Salvation Army, I attended Robles de Justicia Christian Church in Puerto Rico. During a Tuesday service, I saw a beautiful young woman walk

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03 Apr 2019

The Ark of Safety

I was born into a Christian family that loved the Lord and attended church every Sunday. During one service, a minister spoke about the importance of always being with God

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05 Jul 2018

With God next to me

When addicts enter the Harbor Light Complex for the first time, I remind them that, throughout their recovery, they will never be alone. I will be there for them, but

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02 Jun 2018

In Uniform

Juan Hernandez has always admired people in uniform. When he was just a child, a police officer from Brooklyn befriended his family. Back then, Juan was so sick, he couldn’t

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