03 Apr 2019

Isaiah Allen

Isaiah Allen, Corps Leadership Development Bureau director for the Salvation Army’s USA Eastern Territory, talks about adoption; Christianity in Nigeria, West Africa; and how the gospel message can be summed

13 Mar 2019

Catherine Booth

Catherine Booth (1829-1890), the Mother of The Salvation Army and wife of William Booth, talks about achieving true peace, how our hearts can be made perfect, and what a Christian

07 Feb 2019

Lieutenant Chakanaka Watch

Lieutenant Chakanaka Watch, commanding officer of the Harlem (Temple) N.Y., Corps, talks about witnessing the Salvation Army’s global ministry, choosing the Church rather than pursuing fame, and how radio became

17 Dec 2018

Relevents: Priscilla Heist

Priscilla Heist, a soldier at the Salvation Army’s Lebanon, Pa. Corps, talks about opening her home to young people in the community, the mark that Christmas left on her Girl

05 Nov 2018

Derek W. Lance

Derek W. Lance, territorial music secretary and bandmaster of the Salvation Army’s New York Staff Band (NYSB), talks about lessons learned from the book of Psalms; playing trumpet for the

01 Oct 2018

Alexis Baergas

Alexis Baergas, president of the Salvation Army Student Fellowship (SASF) at Houghton College, talks about mission trips to the Columbus Ohio Corps, hosting parties for the community, and seeking guidance

31 Aug 2018

Timothy Tucker

Chef Timothy Tucker, culinary arts manager at The Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in Boston, Mass., talks about his first job for the Army in Kentucky,

05 Jul 2018

Relevents: Major Stanley Newton

Major Stanley Newton, corps officer at the Salvation Army corps in Asbury Park, N.J., talks about Ocean Grove, N.J., family, and the importance of ministry between generations. Sometimes it feels

02 Jun 2018

Lieutenant Dabiel Valdes

Lieutenant Dabiel Valdes, corps officer at the Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in Camden, N.J., talks about viewing his city through the eyes of Jesus, choosing ministry over