01 May 2020

Jennifer Groff

Jennifer Groff, the community engagement director at The Salvation Army of Greater New York, talks about how social journalism became her path to fighting human trafficking, why Christmas starts early

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11 Mar 2020

Lieutenant Stanley Weems

Lieutenant Stanley Weems, assistant administrator and chaplain at the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) in Paterson, N.J., talks about helping beneficiaries forgive themselves, the importance of being a “living

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31 Jan 2020

Kevin George

Kevin George, an employee at the Salvation Army’s Boston, Mass., South End Corps Community Center, talks about how his daughter got her name,  cooking classes in Adventure Corps, and growing

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03 Dec 2019

Karen Meehan

Karen Meehan, corps sergeant major and director of operations at the Salvation Army’s Cambridge, Mass., Corps, talks about Christmas dinners at the  homeless shelter, why Samuel Logan Brengle is an

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02 Nov 2019

Major Mark Unruh

Major Mark Unruh, administrator for business at the Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) in Scranton, Pa., talks about surrendering to God, how welding became part of his ministry, and

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03 Oct 2019

Lieutenant Melissa Lewell

Lieutenant Melissa Lewell talks about the presence of the Holy Spirit in Cambodian culture, the story of King Josiah, and the ministry lessons she learned at Camp Sebago. My years

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31 Aug 2019

Captain Kevin Zanders

Captain Kevin Zanders, administrator at the Salvation Army’s Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in Philadelphia, Pa., talks about the music mentors in his life, how he remains faithful

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19 Jul 2019

Kathryn Higgins

Kathryn Higgins, arts ministries director for The Salvation Army Eastern Territory, talks about her unique path to parenthood, performances at Old Orchard Beach, and how the art of improv guided

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05 Jun 2019

Arielle Curry

Arielle Curry, director of the Salvation Army’s anti–trafficking effort in Philadelphia, Pa., talks about the importance of female leadership, her women’s event–based ministry, and how the women helped by the

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08 May 2019

Lieutenant Mhairi Smeaton

Lieutenant Mhairi Smeaton, assistant corps officer at the Salvation Army’s Hazlet Outpost in New Jersey, talks about exploring other cultures, feeling victorious in community, and how God’s perfect love is

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03 Apr 2019

Isaiah Allen

Isaiah Allen, Corps Leadership Development Bureau director for the Salvation Army’s USA Eastern Territory, talks about adoption; Christianity in Nigeria, West Africa; and how the gospel message can be summed

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13 Mar 2019

Catherine Booth

Catherine Booth (1829-1890), the Mother of The Salvation Army and wife of William Booth, talks about achieving true peace, how our hearts can be made perfect, and what a Christian

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