27 Nov 2020

Beyond the horizon

An ongoing storyline in the fight against COVID–19 is the Salvation Army’s continued development of strategic partnerships. Such is the case in New Jersey, where the Army received grants in

23 Nov 2020

Facts about The Salvation Army

1865 William and Catherine Booth founded The Salvation Army in England. Church The Salvation Army is a church and its message is based on the Bible. The churches, which can

20 Nov 2020

What would William Booth do?

A second wave of COVID-19 has hit many parts of the country and thrown church services and Sunday schools for a loop. Several Salvation Army corps had just begun to

18 Nov 2020

A place to connect

COVID-19 has delayed the public’s enjoyment of the newly renovated gym at the Allentown, Pa., Citadel Corps. Nonetheless, it looks great, thanks to a $75,000 state grant. Major Ismael Correa,

16 Nov 2020

Two paths to culinary success

The Salvation Army Boston Kroc Center’s Culinary Arts Training Program prepares students for career paths into the restaurant industry all over the Boston area. This year, Mika Winder and Samantha

11 Nov 2020

Welcome to ‘Dreamsville, USA’

The exploits of The Salvation Army’s World War I donut girls are well-known, but you may have missed the story about some lesser-known Salvationists who fed the troops in Ohio

09 Nov 2020

Commissioners Noland honored at festschrift

Festschrift: fest (celebration) and schrift (writing). A book honoring a respected person(s) and presented to them during their lifetime. It generally takes the form of an edited volume containing contributions from

06 Nov 2020

Heart for the homeless

Mayor Andrew Hosmer has put together a task force to deal with homelessness in Laconia, N.H. He’s also found Major Mike Davis, the local Salvation Army corps officer, who is

04 Nov 2020

Movies in the pumpkin patch

The Salvation Army in upstate New York* held “Movies in the Pumpkin Patch,” a drive-in movie event, during Columbus Day Weekend at the Washington County Fairgrounds. For two nights, as

02 Nov 2020

Turkey Trot goes virtual

Last July, Captains Andrew and Brianne Spooner arrived at the DuBois, Pa., Worship and Service Center just as the corps congregation was planning its inaugural Turkey Trot 5K race. Organizers

30 Oct 2020

Fired up for Christmas

Hartford, Conn., Fire Chief Reginald Freeman wants children to enjoy better Christmases than the sad ones he experienced around age 10. “One of my parents struggled with drug addiction and

28 Oct 2020

Masking for a second wave

COVID-19 has already hit New York City hard, but health officials warn that a second wave could possibly come this fall and winter that could mix with the flu for