25 Jan 2021

An angel from the ashes

Generations in families sometimes suffer from unhealed issues. Rather than disappear with time, those issues can fester. Nonetheless, this story is about a breakthrough that happened when tragedy turned to

22 Jan 2021

These Devils are angels

The New Jersey Devils usually host a Salvation Army Day at a home game each year. That was cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19. The National Hockey League’s New Jersey

18 Jan 2021

Colonels Deslea and Philip Maxwell: The Army and Us

Colonels Deslea and Philip Maxwell serve as Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries and Chief Secretary for The Salvation Army USA Eastern Territory Philip Maxwell: Deslea and I have been on

15 Jan 2021

Blessings fall on Latrobe

As pastors, Majors Christopher and Jennifer Blessing have a great name. They often get asked if it’s real. It is. The Salvation Army officer couple, now in their 16th year

07 Jan 2021

Your chance to ‘Rescue Christmas’

It was just a couple of Christmases ago when I was visiting my son and his family during the Christmas season. My son is stationed in my hometown at the

06 Jan 2021

Remembering Clint and Micky

Kirsten George of Albany, N.Y., discovered her love of volunteering while watching a video of a man struggle to free himself from a tangled seatbelt. His daughter caught the hilarious

05 Jan 2021

Michael’s story

A year ago, Michael came through our doors at the Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in Camden, N.J., seeking a fresh start. His story is one of a

22 Dec 2020

Warming hearts and bodies

When “Maria” finally had enough of domestic violence, she packed up her four children late one night and fled Puerto Rico with just two bags and the clothes on her

15 Dec 2020

Golden start to kettle season

It’s one thing for The Salvation Army in Harrisburg, Pa., to receive a donation that will benefit members of their community who are in need. It’s another thing for that

11 Dec 2020

A new book revisits reconciliation

In response to the challenges of this tumultuous year 2020, Daniel N. Diakanwa, a retired Salvation Army captain (pictured above with his daughter Danielle), has written a second edition of

07 Dec 2020

Lieutenants Kelly and Tylar Melfi: The Army and us

Lieutenants Kelly and Tylar Melfi are corps officers at The Salvation Army Corps Community Center in Pittsburgh (North Boroughs), Pa. Early in our relationship and years before we signed up

02 Dec 2020

A kettle kickoff at city hall

The Salvation Army Passaic, N.J., Corps Christmas kettle kickoff held a special meaning this year. It was the first Christmas event that Lieutenants Guilbaldo De La Cruz and Yesenia Hernandez