01 Sep 2017

Fight Human Trafficking on your phone

The popularity of cell phone apps has made it easier to educate people about the signs of human trafficking and help them report those signs to authorities. Below are four

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01 Jul 2016

A Conversation About Human Trafficking

When I learned about human trafficking, I was a high school student. I noticed a Salvation Army campaign in Brazil during the World Cup. The Army was front and center

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01 Jun 2016

Your Movie Watch List

In today’s visual media culture, movies based on Christian themes are growing in popularity. And in selected ones, The Salvation Army is showing up in significant scenes. Some of these

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09 Jul 2015

A New Songbook For Today’s Salvation Army

Almost 30 years after the last Salvation Army songbook was published, a new “user–friendly” edition is being released in the Army’s 150th year. The Song Book of The Salvation Army,

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01 May 2015

Rightnow media

In every SAConnects, you’ll find resources on this page that will enrich your ministry and your life. For example, take a careful look at these videos (below) for women who

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