07 Feb 2019

The Kroc Center in Ashland

When the Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in Ashland, Ohio, opened its doors a decade ago as the Eastern Territory’s first Kroc Center, it became the face of

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17 Dec 2018

The Angel Tree

In 1998, John Maimone was introduced to The Salvation Army of Greater New York through his mother Gerri and the family’s elevator business. But it was not until 2002, as

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05 Nov 2018


When Major Victoria Edmonds was 16 years old, a school assignment required her and every student to be graded on a performance. Victoria decided to put on a timbrel show

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01 Oct 2018


The Williamsport Salvation Army’s Red Shield Community Garden is a unique ministry that is on its way to becoming the largest community garden in Pennsylvania. “Williamsport is not really a

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31 Aug 2018


When Bobby Malherbe and her daughters Aliah and Emily came to the Salvation Army’s Flemington, N.J., Corps in 2008, their family’s roots in that city went back generations. “The church

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05 Jul 2018

Star Search

For as long as Nick George can remember, at least one person in his family was always practicing to participate in Star Search, the Salvation Army’s annual talent showcase. “I

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