06 May 2020

Two Days In, Everything Changed

Having just experienced this in Australia as we lived through one of the worst Bush Fire seasons our country has ever seen, I was all too familiar with watching my world change overnight and seeing the Salvation Army spring into immediate action. This, however, meant that my job quickly turned from planning a Summer Musical and getting involved in arts programs, to a hands-on warehouse job.

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24 Apr 2020

Skyela Bussey | Arts In Action

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved to sing and act. My family can account for the many times they heard me belt musical theatre songs in my

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01 Apr 2020

Kenny’s Story

We always say, “If this show reaches only one person, it will all be worth it.”  Kenny was that person. We had the privilege to perform Skeleton Army at Ladore’s Family

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28 Oct 2019

CAST 2019 Reflections: How did you see God at work this summer?

We often hear people say, God works in mysterious ways. We know that God works, but do we take the time to look for Him? Do we see Him at work

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07 Oct 2019

CAST & Camp Sebago Changing Lives

The staff at Camp Sebago have a goal of providing a safe, loving environment for kids in the NNE division to come experience God’s creation, make new friends and discover

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04 Oct 2019

Skeleton Army Available for Bookings!

Kyle Higgins and Kathryn Higgins | Theater 315, NYC Music and Lyrics Len Ballantine | Book  John Copeland Originally Conceived by Neil W. Leduke Originally Developed by The Salvation Army USA

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12 Apr 2018

How to Feel Awesome at Star Search

With Star Search fast approaching, many corps officers, assistants, and volunteers are preparing budding musicians and artists daily. Here are 13 quick tips for helping your students feel awesome leading

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01 Dec 2016

22 Script Tips

The struggle is real. Searching for that perfect script for your corps drama team can seem like an endless task. So, you resort to writing your own. Good for you!

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