06 Feb 2015

Landmark Women’s Event – Bound-Less – Planned for International Congress

London, 26 January 2015/IHQ/ –WOMEN connected with The Salvation Army are to benefit from a unique opportunity to celebrate and worship together during the 150th anniversary congress, Boundless –The Whole

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06 Feb 2015

Candidates’ Seminar 2015 Livestream

We will be Livestreaming the kickoff of the Candidates Seminar 2015.  We will not be streaming the entirety of the weekend, but if you’d like to find out more about the

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20 Jan 2015

Boundless: The O2

Video by SAVN.tv SAVN.tv visits The 02 in East London. Only a few minutes from the birthplace of The Christian Mission by Founders William and Catherine Booth, over 15,000 Salvationists and friends

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11 Jan 2015

Whole World Praying (pt. 5)

How can one person make a difference when there is so much injustice in the world?  One way it to pray for God to continue to strengthen and raise up

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07 Jan 2015


CAST 2015 BOUNDLESS This summer will be exciting but different. From July 1st through 5th the 8-member summer mission team will travel to London England to participate in the International

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06 Jan 2015

Boundless – Whole World Praying 2015

  e are in the middle of the Boundless: Whole World Praying initiative.  During this year of non-stop, international prayer, the entire Salvation Army world has been lifting voices in

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05 Jan 2015

無界限 – 全地同讀經

前言 關於本兒童讀經挑戰 介紹 兒童是救世軍一個非常重要的部份。我們希望能夠幫助及鼓勵他們切實閱讀聖經,及經歷神要向他們說的話。 當成年救世軍人擁有引導他們在 2015 年讀完整本新約聖經的讀經資源時,我們也興奮地告訴你,兒童也同時擁有屬於他 們的讀經資源。 一起接受這個讀經挑戰,就代表我們能彼此鼓勵,整個家庭或羣體一同閱讀,一起探索聖經故事和經文所包含的豐富意 義。我們可以討論那些我們未能掌握的教導,並發現神希望我們學習及明白的事情。 這真是一個讓我們與下一代一同探索經文的極好機會。你可能需要協助小朋友閱讀某部份的經文或完成一些活動,但在 這個計劃中與他們一同參與,卻能為每一個人都帶來祝福。 小朋友! 我們正準備與家中及教會中的成年人一起,接受一項名為「全地同讀經」的聖經閱讀挑戰。在今年,我們會探索新約聖 經中的一些偉大故事,也會讀到關於耶穌生平的重要故事,及看看祂在地上生活時的情況,還會了解早期教會的一些重 要訊息,從中學習成為耶穌真正的跟隨者是甚麼一回事。 你準備好接受挑戰嗎?開始吧!一起分享這個令人興奮的歷程…… 想得到更多相關的英文讀經資源或註釋,可瀏覽 www.salvationarmy.org/biblechallenge,或透過 biblechallenge@salvationarmy.org 聯絡相關部門。 (鳴謝九龍中央堂蕭樂瑤姊妹及劉梓熙弟兄協助翻譯。) (本讀經挑戰的聖經引文均出自新標點和合本。)

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03 Jan 2015

Star Search 2015 Guitar Materials

Below you will find the tracks (with accompaniment) for Star Search Guitar, Levels 1-4.

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