CAST 2019 – Info, Apply and Audition

What is CAST?

CAST stands for Creative Arts Service Team. It is an 8-week summer mission team. The members travel together to various Salvation Army locations in the Northeast performing and witnessing about God’s love for all. It is a program of The Salvation Army for Salvationists 18 years and older. Selection to the team is by application and audition. The main emphasis each summer is to put together a theatrical production for touring purposes. Secondly, members teach, lead and mentor children at Salvation Army summer camps, community centers and Corps (Churches). That being said, our primary purpose this summer will be to perform PETER PAN as many times, and in as many locations, as possible.

To be chosen to join CAST you must…

  • Be 18 by June 14, 2019
  • Have experience in creative arts – acting, dancing, singing or instrumental
  • Be comfortable living in community
  • Be experienced working with children
  • Demonstrate maturity
  • Be active in the Arts in your Corps, Church , School and/or SA Division
  • Complete and submit the application and video by January 4th, 2019

Important Dates

  • January 4th, 2019 – Application & Audition Deadline
  • June 14 – Orientation/Rehearsals Begin
  • June 17-28 – Rehearsals (THQ West Nyack, NY)
  • June 29 Opening Night
  • June 30-July 26 – Touring and Teaching (Eastern Territory Locations)
  • July 26-August 2  – OOB Pier Ministry (Old Orchard Beach, ME)
  • August 3-10 – TAM Conservatory (CAST encouraged to attend)
  • August 5 – CAST Officially Ends (after Conservatory performance)

CAST applications/audition videos are due Friday, January 4, 2019. 



Peter Pan, the musical

CAST 2019 production is Peter Pan, the musical by Leigh, Charlap, Comden, Green and Styne. Directed by Kathryn Higgins and choreographed by Erin Morgan, the TAM Bureau is looking for a cast of 12 actor/singer/dancers.  Applicants may audition for multiple roles.

What are we looking for?

  • Actors who are comfortable with significant lifting/being lifted
  • Enthusiastic actors, making bold character choices who can play multiple roles
  • Actors who can speak in a convincing upper-class London accents and/or classic pirate accents

How to Audition

  1. Fill out the application.
  2. Video yourself performing the 5 REQUIRED AUDITION MATERIALS.
  3. *Optional – If you’d like to audition for a lead role, video yourself performing the LEAD ROLE AUDITION MATERIALS.
  4. Upload your video as an unlisted video on youtube and email the link to by Friday, January 4th, 2019.


ALL applicants must prepare the following items:

  1. Pirate Side 1
    Please read Pirate Side 1, ALL LINES, either as one character or as multiple pirate characters.
  2. Lost Boys Side 1 & 2
    Please read Lost Boys Side 1 & 2, ALL LINES, either as one character or as multiple characters.
  3. Lost Boys Side 1 & 2
    Please read Lost Boys Side 1 & 2 a second time, but in an upper-class London accent.
  4. Hooks Waltz
    Please sing all lyrics in your best pirate accent, disregarding character indications.
  5. Tender Shepherd
    Please sing all lyrics, disregarding character indications.
    Men – Please sing in your best Michael voice.
    Ladies – Please sing in your best Wendy voice.


Peter Pan (M/F)

Peter Pan is a boy without a care in the world. Preferably shorter in stature, this young man or young lady needs to be able to act, sing, and be as physical as the part demands.  Must be comfortable with heights/being lifted. Vocal Range F3 – C5.

Audition Materials: Peter Pan Side
Peter Pan Song

Wendy (F)

Wendy is the eldest of the Darling children and has a certain maternal quality. Wendy is very bright, ever-practical, well-spoken and ready for an adventure! She should have a warm presence and great singing voice. Vocal Range Ab3 – Db5.

Audition Materials:Wendy Sides

Hook (M/F)

Captain Hook, the leader of the Pirates, and HATES Peter Pan. Preferably taller in stature, with a strong singing voice, great pirate accent and superb comedic timing. Though Captain Hook is the villain of the show, he’s also a bit of a clown who just can’t seem to get what he wants. He has to be as treacherous to the Lost Boys as he is a complete wimp around the Crocodile. Vocal Range B3 – E5 (Will be double cast as either Mrs. Darling or Mr. Darling, so please apply with the appropriate adjoining materials.)

Audition Materials: Hook Sides


CAST applications/audition videos are due Friday, January 4, 2019. 


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