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Candidates’ Seminar: Friday Evening Program

Friday Evening Program: Salvation

Friday Evening Program

Preliminary Music CFOT Praise Choir
Praise CFOT Praise Choir
Welcome and opening prayer Lt. Colonel Kenneth W. Maynor
Praise CFOT Praise Choir
The Founder will speak
Video testimony
Worship CFOT Praise Choir
Scripture reading: I Cor 9:16–27 Cadet Abraham J. Garrett
Song #976 “Shout Aloud Salvation” CFOT Praise Choir
Joe, the Turk Lt. Colonel Eddie Hobgood
Song: #980 “Storm The Forts of Darkness” Lt. Colonel Cheryl A. Maynor
Announcements and benediction Captain Dwayne Barnes

  Shout Aloud Salvation

Shout aloud salvation, and we’ll have another song;
Sing it with a spirit that will start the world along;
Sing it as our comrades sang it many a thousand strong,
As they were marching to Glory.March on, march on! We bring the jubilee;Fight on, fight on! Salvation makes us free;
We’ll shout our Saviour’s praises over every land and sea
As we go marching to Glory.
How the anxious shout it when they hear the joyful sound!
How the weakest conquer when the Saviour they have found!
How our grand battalions with triumphant power abound,
As we go marching to Glory.So we’ll make a thoroughfare for Jesus and His train;All the world shall hear us as fresh converts still we gain;
Sin shall fly before us for resistance is in vain,
As we go marching to Glory.

  Storm The Forts Of Darkness

Soldiers of our God, arise!
The day is drawing nearer;
Shake the slumber from your eyes,
The light is growing clearer.
Sit no longer idly by
While the heedless millions die,
Lift the bloodstained banner high
And take the field for Jesus.Storm the forts of darkness,
Bring them down, bring them down!
Storm the forts of darkness,
Bring them down, bring them down!
Pull down the devil’s kingdom
Where’er he holds dominion;
Storm the forts of darkness, bring them down!
Glory, honor to the Lamb,
Praise and power to the Lamb,
Glory, honour, praise and power,
Be forever to the Lamb!
See the brazen hosts of Hell,
Their art and power employing,
More than human tongue can tell,
The blood–bought souls destroying.
Hark! From ruin’s ghastly road
Victims groan beneath their load;
Forward, O ye sons of God,
And dare or die for Jesus.Warriors of the risen King,
Great Army of salvation,
Spread his fame, His praises sing
And conquer every nation.
Raise the glorious standard higher,
Work for victory, never tire;
Forward march with blood and fire
And win the world for Jesus.


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