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Candidates’ Seminar 2017: Sunday Holiness Meeting

Sunday Holiness Meeting: Service

Preliminary Music CFOT Band/Piano
“Called to Proclaim” CFOT Drama Team
Welcome and Song #682 Colonel Kenneth O. Johnson
Prayer Major William Furman
Testimony Cadet Stephanie Morales
Praise and Worship CFOT Praise Team
Offering Major Ronald L. Starnes
Offertory CFOT Band
Scripture Reading Colonel Richard Munn
Special Selection CFOT Chorus
Message Commissioner William A. Bamford
A time of Prayer / Call to Officership
Song #959 CFOT Band
Announcements Major Richard López
Benediction Colonel Steven M. Howard

Song #682

Thou hast called me from the byway
To proclaim Thy wondrous love;
Thou hast placed me on the highway
That to all men I may prove
There is mission in my living,
There is meaning in my word;
Saviour, in my daily striving
May this message yet be heard.For Thy mission make me holy,
For Thy glory make me Thine,
Sanctify each moment fully,
Fill my life with love divine.

Have I lost the sense of mission
That inspired my early zeal,

When the fire of Thy commission
Did my dedication seal?
Let me hear Thy tender pleading,
Let me see Thy beckoning hand,
Let me feel Thee gently leading
As I bow to Thy command.Lord, release that latent passion
Which in me has dormant lain;
Recreate a deep compassion
That will care and care again.
Needy souls are still my mission,
Sinners yet demand my love;
This must be my life’s ambition,
This alone my heart shall move.


Song #959

I’ll go in the strength of the Lord,
In paths he has marked for my feet;
I’ll follow the light of his Word,
Nor shrink from the dangers I meet.
His presence my steps shall attend,
His fullness my wants shall supply;
On him, till my journey shall end,
My unwavering faith shall rely.

I’ll go, I’ll go in the strength,
I’ll go in the strength of the Lord;
I’ll go, I’ll go in the strength,
I’ll go in the strength of the Lord.

I’ll go in the strength of the Lord
To work he appoints me to do;

In joy which his smile doth afford
My soul shall her vigour renew.
His wisdom shall guard me from harm,
His power my sufficiency prove;
I’ll trust his omnipotent arm,
And prove his unchangeable love.

I’ll go in the strength of the Lord
To conflicts which faith will require,
His grace as my shield and reward,
My courage and zeal shall inspire.
Since he gives the word of command
To meet and encounter the foe,
With his sword of truth in my hand,
To suffer and triumph I’ll go

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