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Youth Councils 2017

Youth Councils 2017

Theme: #SorryNotSorry



Offering: El Amparo & Betania Women’s Shelters; Buenos Aires, Argentina

Facts about the Women’s Shelters in Buenos Aires:

• The Salvation Army has been in Argentina since 1890

• Buenos Aires is a large metropolitan area with over 17 million citizens

• In many respects Argentina is a wealthy nation, but there is still wide spread poverty

• The Salvation Army runs two Women’s Shelters in the poor neighborhood of “Constitucion”

• The names of the shelters are “Betania,”and, “Amparo”–“Hogares para Mujeres”

• Each night 90 women stay in these shelters

• If these shelters were not here, these women would be homeless

• Each night the women are served a very simple dinner and then a small breakfast in the morning

• Breakfast is usually, bread, butter, and tea

• The women must leave after breakfast and they cannot return until the end of the day

• Many of the women are students or have jobs during the day

• The women sleep 20 per room in large bays with beds lining the walls

• The rooms are sparse and often in need of repair

• Most of the rooms suffer from water damage due to the roofs leaking

• Both shelters are run by a young single female officer and two part time employees

• The ministry is vitally important and is changing lives

• Holiness Meetings are held on site every Sunday

• There are life skills classes and Bible studies throughout the week that offer hope

• The need is great but the financial resources are few

• The Shelters need funds to pay bills and make much needed repairs

• They need additional funds to stock their pantry

• When funds are low, the meals become very sparse

Donate to the Woman’s Shelters at Youth Councils or through your Divisional Youth department!

Youth Council 2017 Dates



March 31- April 2 PR/VI
April 21-23 PENDEL
April 21-23 SWONEKY
April 28-30 NEOSA
May 5-7 WPA
May 19-21 NJ
May 19-21 MASS
May 19-21 SNE
May 19-21 EMPIRE
June 2-4 NNE
September 15-17 GNY
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