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Children & Youth Weekend 2018

The Whole World Mobilizing: Children & Youth Weekend

Greetings from the Children & Youth Office – IHQ!

It is our pleasure again this year to partner with The Whole World Mobilising in celebrating children and youth during the weekend of March 23 – 25 , 2018.

The theme for this weekend will be “Shine” based on the scripture in Isaiah 60:1. It is our sincere prayer that this intentional focus will help children, youth and families come to understand and experience the true Light that comes from knowing Christ and allow Him to guide their paths. We pray that God’s Light will shine in every dark corner of our world as children and youth respond to God’s call to “Arise and shine!” because “the glory of the LORD has risen on them.” (Isaiah 60:1)

We are pleased to provide ministry units with a resource package created by the Canada and Bermuda Youth department, which includes promotional videos, posters, theme images, as well as activity ideas for children, youth, families, and worship service ideas.

We encourage everyone to make the most of this opportunity by reaching out to children and families from your local community and empowering your youth to assist in leadership roles. To help you create interest and to promote this weekend, please see the link below to download your resource kit. (Please note: you must install the “Playlist” font contained in the folder before you view the documents otherwise they will not show as intended.) We are encouraging all participants to join us on social media throughout the weekend using the hashtag #GoMoCY2018


Resouces Download


Weekend Schedule

Friday, March 23

Youth Outreach Event

Saturday, March 24

Children’s Prayer Event
Children’s Messy Activities

Sunday, March 25

Main worship service led by/including youth and children (with youth and children leading worship, prayer times, preaching, testifying etc.)



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