Bio- Hunter Barnes

Worship Arts Convocation | Special Guest | Hunter Barnes

Hunter Barnes is the Senior Pastor of Zarephath Christian Church in Zarephath, NJ. He comes with a fresh vision for the congregants to go deep…deep in their relationship with God through his Word, in Community and in Service to the world.

For the past four years Hunter has also been producing a daily podcast called Daily Radio Bible, where listeners can hear the Bible being read daily, followed by a short devotional thought ( Many from various parts of the globe have downloaded this app and have Hunter as their Bible reading coach to read through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice in a year.

Hunter has a passion for inspiring people to desire the Word of God. He himself has memorized whole books of the Bible and has dramatically presented them as the “Mark His Word” ministry.

Join us for a dramatic performance of Mark’s Gospel: Mark His Word with pastor and actor Hunter Barnes and experience the life and passion of Jesus in this critically acclaimed performance of the greatest story ever told.

  • Are you interested in seeing “Mark His Word” at the Worship Arts Convocation? Click Here to learn more!
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