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Bible–Believing Christians

BibleBelievingChristians_1“Phil Layton in this useful book brings to us a timely reminder of the importance of the Bible for all Christians.” 

—General André Cox

As our territory continues to promote its “No Bible, No Breakfast! No Bible, No Bed!” Bible reading campaign, I have the same desire and conviction of Captain Phil Layton, who concludes his book by writing, “I hope and pray that this book will encourage us all to be Bible–believing Christians!”

Based on exhaustive research, Layton’s Bible–Believing Christians provides a useful and informative study of important doctrinal issues having to do with the authority and inerrancy of the Bible. “The inspiration for writing this book,” he writes, “came as a result of talking with folk I love who were genuine skeptics of the Bible, and with others who had difficulty in reconciling their traditional Christian beliefs with their own experience and knowledge of history and science.”

Layton, a biblical scholar who holds a BA and a MTh degree, continues, “My hope is that, through the various questions raised, difficulties acknowledged, and method of resolution proposed, the reader of this book will be encouraged to conclude that the Bible can indeed be trusted whenever a difficulty arises.”

In writing the book, Layton plays the devil’s advocate by asking what he calls “The Common Question”—“How can we trust the Bible when there appear to be so many contradictions?” Then he carefully disputes this argument with this premise: “We can trust the Bible, but that is not the same thing as trusting our interpretation of it.”

Layton goes on to explain, “It requires a degree of humility, but if we consider the Bible and its authors to be accurate, and acquire a flexibility in our confidence of how we have interpreted its content, then it is a rewarding experience to observe how the Scriptures reveal their trustworthiness and how apparent contradictions can become reconciled.”

In her foreword, Major Amy Reardon rightly says, “This is a practical book. It doesn’t solve all seeming contradictions in the Bible. Rather, it instructs the reader so that she has the tools herself when she comes across these difficulties.”

As a Salvationist, I affirm that Layton’s book is a pioneering work, and I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in, as Layton puts it, “How the Bible can be trusted, how traditions must be tested, and how apparent difficulties can be resolved.”

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by Major Young Sung Kim

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