Being There in Milwaukee Tragedy

Majors Judy and Mike Mills received the call: an explosion had ripped through the Falk Corporation warehouse, and they were being asked to provide chaplaincy.

BeingThereinMilwaukeeTragedyTina was the first person Mike encountered. She was there with her husband’s best friend, Tim, and she told Mike she was sure her husband had survived. Mike took a few minutes to pray with Tina and Tim.

Busload after busload of survivors arrived. Hour after hour passed.

“I kept coming back to see how Tina and Tim were doing,” said Mike. “It was so difficult to see the change in Tina’s eyes—every time, a little more fearful.”

Word began to trickle in about the explosion. A list was posted of those hospitalized. Still no word of Tina’s husband.

Mike noticed Tina slipping out a back door and followed her.

“She told me how they met and that she had had a crush on her husband for most of her life,” said Mike. “She was trying to stay strong.”

After four hours of waiting, Tina learned that her husband had been one of three people killed. Mike and Judy were with Tina and Tim when they got the news.

“The Lord gave us the right words to say so they could feel his comfort,” Mike said.

“What really struck me in all this is that we as Christians, as Salvationists, have the ability to minister in ways others can’t because we share a God who brings peace no matter the circumstances,” Judy said.

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