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Being Courageous

beingcourageous_insThe Territorial Committee for Salvationists of African Descent has given voice to a special need within The Salvation Army—to ensure that all soldiers know Salvationists of African descent are an integral part of the Army and are empowered to win souls for God.

The Empowerment Conference, held every two years and most recently last October, focuses on ministering to delegates and sharing the Savior’s love. It also offers resources to leaders of all cultures on how to effectively reach the African–American community with the gospel of Christ.

I was privileged to witness the hard work, sacrifice, and love poured out in preparation for this special event. Committee members planned and prayed diligently for every aspect of the worship, speakers, registrants, workshops, meals, accommodations, and, most important, the moving of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit did move!

You have to be called by God, You have to yield to God and you have to be courageous.”
We were blessed to have several Salvation Army leaders in attendance. Among them were Commissioners William A. and G. Lorraine Bamford, territorial leaders; Majors David and Margaret Davis, Massachusetts divisional leaders; Major Denny Hewitt and Mrs. Yvonne Hewitt of the Southern Territory; and Lt. Colonel James LaBossiere, territorial program secretary.

Jason Collier & Friends led a beautiful time of worship.

I was most inspired by Major Denny Hewitt’s message on courage. Here’s a little bit of what he said:

What does courage have to do with your calling?


Courage comes when we know God is with us.

Yield your members to God so that you may be used for God’s glory.

Courage triumphs over fear.

You need courage to stand for righteousness and to witness.

We must yield ourselves unto God in love and in humble service.

Love has everything to do with responding to God’s call on our lives.

by Lydia Mills

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