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Being ‘connected’

Maye_Warren_2015There’s nothing better than smelling good aromas from the kitchen. They tell you that something great is coming. The thought makes you excited—and hungry.

As we continue rolling out SAConnects, we want you to be hungry for what’s cooking in our literary kitchen. And starting now, such aromas will arise from this editorial column. In addition to continuing from time to time as a traditional commentary, its primary role will shift to essentially being a preview of things to come. And we want you to be in the loop as a participant in this process. That means offering you a “taste from the spoon.”

We’ll also introduce you to the people who are making these stories happen. On occasion, we’ll quote our writers, editors, and interviewees. From their perspective, you’ll get an “inside scoop” on how these stories are being developed and why. And in time, you’ll see video clips posted on the website, giving you an on–location look into the “pot” like never before.

Currently, we’re working on stories that will honor our veterans—the men and women who’ve sacrificed themselves for our freedom. We’ll also feature an incredible story about the Mercy Ships that bring health and healing to people around the world. The before–and–after pictures will amaze you.

These are exciting times and we want to share them with you and to stay “connected.”

—Warren L. Maye
Editor in Chief

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