Consider adding YogaFaith to your event!

Why offer YogaFaith?

YogaFaith classes give people the chance to be still, to focus on the Lord. We often run from thing to thing barely taking a moment to pause. A YogaFaith class can help bring you to a moment of stillness. At events, your attendees are provided space & time to be still and digest what they are experiencing. Classes can be themed to coincide with your event.

What is it?

Christ-centered yoga. YogaFaith incorporates the physical benefits of a yoga practice with scripture meditation while moving towards finding moments of stillness allowing people space to experience the presence of God.

Christians & Yoga?

Do you have concerns about yoga? Check out this article written by Erin Morgan on Christians Practicing Yoga

Who can join in?

Anyone! Classes can be tailored to accommodate anyone (children-seniors are able to practice!)

When does it need to happen?

YogaFaith can be offered at any time of day!
Some options:

-Early morning before breakfast
-Prayer postures at the start of a worship meeting
-Late-night before bed

What is needed?

Open space (preferably a quiet space). Arts Ministries is able to provide yoga mats.

Want to know more?

Contact Erin Morgan with any booking requests or questions.

Practice now!

Want to see what a class looks & sounds like? Maybe you want to try YogaFaith from the comfort of your own home.
Check out for a catalog of online classes with Erin Morgan.