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Art from the Heart

In our next SAconnects magazine, we’ll discuss how Christian movies and stage productions help believers become more effective in reaching souls for Christ.

Directors and producers are gaining more skills needed to marry state–of–the–art production technology with realistic drama and accurate theology. Such movies and theatrical productions are gaining critical acclaim from a spiritually diverse viewing audience.

We’ll look at what’s happening in theaters, on TV, and on internet and cable network streaming services such as Netflix, Pureflix, and others.

You’ll read about various productions, from the Salvation Army Eastern Territory’s own “Pilate,” a stage drama performed at Theatre 315 in Times Square, to “Paul: An Apostle of Christ” in movie theaters across the country, to the real–life testimonies of actors who appeared in these productions. You’ll learn more about what’s happening to move such ministries to a higher level professionally and to a deeper level spiritually than ever before.

You’ll discover why some actors and directors contend that their emphasis is more on ministry than on money; more on a fresh awakening to the Gospel, than on high, but secular, Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

Also in this issue, we’ll observe Father’s Day and thank them for the love they’ve given to and sacrifices they’ve made for their families.

Effective fatherhood is also an art!

— Warren L. Maye
Editor in Chief

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