2016 Advent & 2017 Lenten Resources


It is our hope that the 2016 Advent/2017 Lenten Resources will help you to be able to provide your congregation with quality worship services to evangelize and disciple them into truly-devoted followers of Christ.

The program ideas and sermons in this series are only suggestions, and may not work in your appointment exactly as written.  Although the sermons are provided as a resource, we do not recommend using them verbatim.

Scripts for dramatic sketches will need to be distributed to the actors in advance, so that they will feel comfortable with it.  If they can memorize the lines, it would better.

The artwork in the graphics files have been included so that you can use them for:  program covers, posters, promotional materials, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Be sure to share these resources with the appropriate leaders/local officers in your appointment, so that they will be able to catch the “big idea” each week and carry it through in their programs and plans.

Feel free to manipulate the files to meet the needs of your congregation.  You can add to the program, rearrange it, or remove some items—you decide!


Advent 2016 - 'The Journey… Walking the Road to Bethlehem'

Advent 2016:  “The Journey… Walking the Road to Bethlehem”

Follow the footsteps of Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, and others,
gaining insight into our own journeys with Christ.


The Journey resources include (click to download individual resources, or download them all below):


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Advent 2016 Worship Series


Date Week Title Scripture
11/27/2016 Week 1 Mary of Nazareth Luke 1:26-38
12/04/2016 Week 2 Joseph of Bethlehem Matthew 1:18-24
12/11/2016 Week 3 Mary’s Visit to Elizabeth Luke 1:39-45
12/18/2016 Week 4 From Nazareth to Bethlehem Luke 2:1-7
12/25/2016 Christmas Day The Manger Luke 2:8-20

Much of the Advent series is taken from Adam Hamilton’s book, The Journey: Walking the Road to Bethlehem, 2011, Abingdon Press.

Lent 2017 - 'Journey to the Cross

Journey to the Cross

This journey, walking in the footsteps of Jesus, will deepen our understanding
of Jesus’ life, while at the same time deepening our faith in him and our love for him.

Journey to the Cross resources include (click to download individual resources, or download them all below):

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Lent 2017 Worship Series

Date Week Title Scripture
3/05/2017 Week 1 Planning for the Journey Isaiah 25:1; John 1:1-2
3/12/2017 Week 2 The Journey Begins Luke 2:16-18; 4:14-15
3/19/2017 Week 3 People along the Way Matthew 8:5-8; 15:21-28
3/26/2017 Week 4 Places along the Path John 6:1-15, 47-51
4/02/2017 Week 5 Persistence in the Journey Mark 6:1-6
4/09/2017 Palm Sunday The Purpose of the Journey Mark 11:1-10; Psalm 118:25-26
4/14/2017 Good Friday Final Words from the Cross Mark, Luke, John
4/16/2017 Easter SonRise Surprise in the Journey Luke 24
4/16/2017 Easter
Christ the Victor John 20

Much of the Lent series is taken from:  Journey to the Cross, by CTA, Inc., and Kendal Haug and Will Walker’s book, Journey to the Cross: Readings & Devotions for Lent, 2013, Providence Church.

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2016 Advent & 2017 Lenten Resources

Published by the Evangelism & Corps Growth Department of The Salvation Army – USA Central Territory.  September 2016.

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Thanks to the folks in the Central Territory for providing us with these resources to share!

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