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A ‘sweet time’ in Hershey

Deeper Discipleship
Skilled Leadership
Integrated Urban–Focused Mission
Young Adult Empowerment

—The Four Strikepoints

“These strikepoints are personal to me because I have benefited from people investing in me and mentoring me and discipling me,” said Commissioner Barry C. Swanson, territorial commander, in his latest “Strikepoint” campaign video.

“I specifically remember when I was 23 years old and just out of college and figuring out what to do, my Divisional Youth Secretary, Major David Riches, took me aside and really invested in me and invited me to join him in all kinds of adventures and projects,” Swanson said. “And in the process of doing that, I realized that God had a bigger plan for me and a purpose for my life. This really gave me the confidence and the faith to step out.”

In addition to the sweet taste of chocolate candy, the Commissioners Swanson want delegates to take home from the Strikepoint Commissioning weekend events in Hershey, Pa., the confidence and faith to step out and to explore the boundless possibilities awaiting them in ministry.

Why Strikepoint?

“Strikepoint is critical to the gospel message and is the reason why the Army exists,” said Commissioner Barry. “It is vitally important to God’s kingdom and to the redemption of the world. It will help us to sharpen our focus on mission and to become more strategic in carrying out our work in the territory.”

Swanson pointed out that every aspect of The Salvation Army—its corps community centers, adult rehabilitation centers, thrift stores, Kroc community centers, and emergency disaster units—all have been called to be vibrant expressions of the work of Jesus Christ in local communities.

“Our prayer is that the Lord will raise up a ‘Strike Force,’ a team of ‘Salvation Soldiers’ in every ministry and mission of The Salvation Army who are committed to this ‘Strike Force Mission’ who will develop innovative strategies and expressions of Salvationism, which will result in strongholds being broken, people being rescued, and glorious victories as the banner of Jesus is lifted high above every village, town, and city in this territory.”

Commissioner Sue added, “You truly care for your center and your corps—you who have taken up leadership and you who are coming into leadership and you who are exploring leadership—we want you to be here to have a time to talk about what God is already doing and how you can plan what will be the next step in your life of service for the Lord.”

If you want to know more about Strikepoint, talk to your corps officer or ARC administrator. You can also visit our new website for more information at

by Warren L. Maye



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