Good News!

A special FedEx delivery!

by Ginny Knor
FedEx donated a $100,000 custom–designed Disaster Response Unit (DRU) to the Western Pennsylvania Division (WEPASA)—the first vehicle of its kind to be used in that division.

The new DRU will help Army workers and volunteers better serve the community by providing meals to needy and displaced residents during and after natural disasters. This vehicle is the 17th unit that FedEx has donated to the Army’s global fleet, representing more than $1.7 million in corporate contributions.

“Both FedEx and the military have been our faithful supporters in disaster relief,” said Major William Bode, WEPASA divisional commander.

The DRU is outfitted with the latest equipment and technology to assist disaster response personnel in helping community members before, during and after emergencies such as fires, earthquakes, floods, or other weather–related disasters. The unit features a fully functional kitchen where workers and volunteers can prepare meals to feed approximately 2,500 people per day.

“At FedEx, we are passionate about helping people prepare for the unexpected. And we are known for making critical deliveries when and where it counts,” said Rose Flenorl, the manager for social responsibility at FedEx. “Through the donation of this new Disaster Response Unit, we hope to help The Salvation Army continue to deliver much needed food and aid to Western Pennsylvania residents in their times of need.”

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