Good News!

A new day, a changed life

My changed life is a miracle of God. I’ve been transformed into a Christian and a soldier of the Salvation Army’s Harlem Temple Corps.

Born in 1944, I went to a Baptist church Sunday school as a child. I learned there that God existed, but nothing else stuck. I didn’t know my father or stepdad, and my mother was an alcoholic.

At age 11, I began smoking cigarettes and then marijuana. I became addicted to heroin, and four years later, to cocaine. For the next 29 years, abusive behavior, homelessness, job losses, and too many detox and rehab programs to mention were my life. I was a slave to my own ways and didn’t know it.

Then one day, God took over! He caused me to surrender my rebellious life for one of peace and humility. I gained the wisdom to evaluate my choices. I obtained meaning and purpose to my life—to honor and to glorify the God who cares enough to intervene in the affairs of His children. And that’s a “miracle.”

God, the Miracle Worker, is a life changer and a transformer for people who believe that He has given us choice. It is a blessing to have the gift of the Holy Spirit to lead and to guide me to a most merciful and forgiving God. Each day, I count my blessings. And in church, my testimony is sincere, for I am truly grateful for my salvation, which is my freedom from all the things that had me bound. Now, I have freedom from evil, the influence of people who were bad role models, and the sin of this world.

Today, I fight the good fight, winning souls for Christ. I tell them of the goodness of Jesus and how He has set me free and made me whole. By my absolute faith and trust in God, I can now look forward to an eternal life with Him.

So, don’t let the devil steal your joy! And don’t let Satan rob you of your faith! When you feel as if you just can’t make it through another day, remember that your Savior will rescue you. Let your faith be strong.

Challenging rains and the snowstorms of life will fall. Your heart may even ache with pain no doubt. But don’t let your troubles and worries keep you from praising the Lord. Don’t let your pain and depression keep you from glorifying Him.

Just pray and have faith that you will be set free! Hold your head up high through all your discomforts and misfortunes. Sing “Hallelujah!” and continue to praise His name because you can make it. A better day is coming!

—Richard Brown is the recruiting sergeant at the Harlem Temple, N.Y., Corps.


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