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A Nativity Advent

A focal point for many of this year’s Christmas decorations will be the Nativity scene. There are so many varieties of it available for display. Somehow, we’ll find the one that will match our family’s culture and the look of our home.

Some Nativity scenes are made of intricately detailed ceramics; others are created from wood and have a rustic appearance. Some are delicately carved from exquisite glass. There’s also the inflatable version we typically see on a neighbor’s front lawn. Whatever kind of scene we have, they all tell the same story. Each character in the Nativity has a truth to share that’s part of that bigger story. It’s rich in history and intentionally created by God.

How about a Nativity Advent? Most advent calendars cover the period of 25 days, but with the hustle and bustle of activities during Christmas, a Nativity Advent just covers 15 days.

Begin the journey with the Nativity Advent anytime in the beginning of December, leading up to Christmas day or perhaps your family will want to focus on the Nativity story the first 15 days of December. Either way, be intentional about the selected days you choose to create this special advent time.   

The concept is quite simple and walks us through each Bible character and his or her part of the story.

Each day, we add a new character to the scene along with a Scripture verse highlighting the significance of that character. This is a family–friendly activity and everyone can participate. If your Nativity doesn’t include some of the pieces mentioned here, then share the Scripture and tell the story anyway. Some of the pieces to be added each day also have Old Testament scriptures as the birth of Jesus was foretold by the Prophet Isaiah.

Your Nativity Advent Devotional

Start this season with a new tradition, breathing new life into the meaning of Christmas. Begin your Nativity Advent devotional by considering these questions with your family as you unpack your nativity set.

What does the word nativity mean? According to the Merriam–Webster
dictionary, nativity means “the process or circumstances of being born” and is the most relevant word for the birth of Jesus.

What were the names of the gifts brought by the Wise Men? Gold,
frankincense, and myrrh.

What is the significance of each gift? Gold symbolized kingship and royalty. Frankincense was a holy oil and represented godliness. Myrrh was an anointing oil and was used for embalming. They were a reminder that Jesus was a gift from God, our King.*

Your next step is to set up the stable and read the verse for Day 1. Leave the rest of your nativity pieces in the box or stored away until the day you unveil the next piece.

Then follow the devotional guide for the additional 14 pieces of your nativity set. By the time December 25th arrives you will have shared the meaning of Christmas together as a family.

*Why the Nativity? (2006)
by David Jeremiah

by Joanna Polarek

Click below to download your Nativity Advent Devotional.

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