A Macaroni Miracle

Majors Bonnie and Lester Bussey were on missionary service in Zimbabwe with their three children, 9, 11, and 12. At the end of the month, they ran out of both money and food. Bonnie wondered how she could tell her children there would be nothing for dinner, and she wondered how this could happen when God had promised to supply all their needs.

AMacaroniMiracle01All of a sudden it was as if God said, “Your answer is in the post office.” I ran across the street, very excited because I knew I would receive my answer. … I looked at the box, and it was empty.

As I turned to go, I saw a little colored disk in the box. I handed it to the postmaster with a questioning look. He said, “Oh, there’s a package for you.”

My imagination worked overtime in the next few moments. Each second, the parcel grew and grew, until I was sure I’d have to get a bigger car to get it home. Can you imagine my despair when I was handed a tiny package about 8” x 3½”?

Sadly, I headed toward the car. However my curiosity made me start to tear the brown paper off the package. As I saw what was inside, tears filled my eyes.

God had not forgotten us! He had heard our prayer weeks before because back at our last corps, Montreal Citadel, an elderly lady had been led by the Lord to send us two boxes of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese®. She mailed the package before we even left Canada, and yes, it arrived just on the day we needed it!

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