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A Heart Set Apart – A Reflection on the 2016 Holiness Institute

group shot edited2If you’re seeking to gain knowledge and understanding about what Christ has planned for you, or if you’re like me and coming with a heavy heart and burdens that need answers, then the Holiness Institute is for you. From fellowship with other believers from all different walks to worship that lifted our hearts to God, to gifted speakers sharing knowledge and experiences about what it means to be truly holy, the Holiness institute had it all. I am honored to have been able to attend such a life changing experience.

Taking place each fall, the Holiness Institute is an in-depth group of studies led by some of the most amazing people whose passion is overwhelming in a great way. The studies draw you in because of the positive attitudes of the teachers and the Biblical truth that is being taught. We heard about our roots in the Salvation Army and learned that with holiness comes a sense of obedience to God and his word. We dove deep so that our minds and hearts could begin to grasp what God is or has been saying to each of us. We explored how to live our lives as true followers of Christ by being more in tuned and truly listening to the Holy Spirit and by talking to others in fellowship.

As Christians, fellowship is a huge part of our growth with others, and we had plenty of time at the Holiness Institute for some awesome community experiences. The opportunity to gather together with people who truly have a passion for knowing more about Christ was just amazing. Regardless of where we each were in the walk, the Institute brought us together to have a good time and learn from each other, worshiping together by singing or dancing and going deep in our times of prayer. The entire experience was very uplifting to all of us.

In going deeper in our fellowship we also got to experience how small groups are really meant to work and how powerful they can be. The small group time allowed us the relationship with others and the fellowship with God that we desperately. Our small groups were absolutely fantastic because we could take the time with people to dive deeper into the word and what God has done for them and in their lives. The testimonies that were shared, the tears that were shed, and the friendships that were made have truly changed my life.

The Holiness Institute really was an amazing event and was such a blessing to me. It has set so many people on fire for God and given new life to my mission as a “Christian in Obedience,” as well. Given the chance, it can do the same for you.

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