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A ‘dream job’: the THQ Prayer Ministry

The Prayer Request Ministry is one of the biggest little things the Spiritual Life Development (SLD) Department does at Territorial Headquarters (THQ).

ADreamJob_InsLizette Medina,* administrative assistant, takes on this enormous task, but it’s one that motivates her each day. Indeed, she calls it her “dream job.” Although she had been responsible for conducting secretarial duties for as many as 12 Army officers, she has been invested in the Prayer Ministry since day one.  “I can’t tell you how many times [reading the requests] brought me to tears,” she says. “I would be in my cubicle, crying.”

Even before Medina arrived at THQ on May 28, 2007, she was already a prayer warrior at home. She made her bedroom a sanctuary and prayed daily for people in need. When she took this job and made prayer a central function, she felt it to be an opportunity ordained and anointed by God.

In those days, our “Prayer Hotline” was a voicemail–driven system, which allowed people to call in and have their messages recorded and documented by Lizette.

ADreamJob_Ins2The requests included prayer for financial and physical healing, as well as for many other concerns.

This fledgling ministry soon expanded to include retired officers. Lizette added to her Excel sheets and daily prayer lists emailed requests from the Retired Officer Bureau and from the then–Office of the Ambassador for Prayer.

Once the lists were done, she would email them to a small network of territorial ambassadors, and divisional leaders, as well as to a few members of a wider prayer network. Soon, word of the ministry spread, and eventually, many volunteers joined the network. Prayer Warriors throughout the Eastern Territory were responding to these hotline and email requests. And they would do so within a single day of receiving a request.

When the department launched, also known as “Fusion,” the ministry expanded from being solely a hotline to becoming an online web page. Fusion caught on quickly. Dozens, and occasionally hundreds of requests would come in a day.

While sometimes overwhelming, Fusion did streamline the operation. The website allowed Prayer Warriors to see the requests. As the administrator, Lizette would view each request, and to maintain confidentiality, edit them as necessary.

With the development of the website, SLD saw an opportunity to join many other territorial ministries and to share audiences.

—Chris Stoker is the Spiritual Formation Developer

*This fall, Lizette Medina entered the
College for Officer Training as a cadet in
the “Joyful Intercessors” session.

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