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A delicate balance

Maye_Warren_2015In this SAconnects (printed magazine), we’ll share testimonies from the recently commissioned Heralds of Grace session and give you a glimpse into their future. This approach represents our ongoing commitment to roll out the Salvation Army’s first multilingual and multicultural Christian lifestyle magazine.

We’ve designed SAConnects magazine to reflect the creative and innovative spirit of such Army pioneers as Elijah Cadman. In August of 1878, he capitalized on the sociopolitical climate of his day and conceptualized the Army’s first uniform.

The legacies of other Army innovators will continue to inspire us, such as Herbert Booth (film and multimedia), Major Ernest A. Miller (public relations), as well as General Arnold Brown (radio and TV broadcasting) and Colonel Henry Gariepy (editor and prolific book author) to name a few.

Today, Christians face unprecedented challenges. And at such a time as this, we must find a delicate balance between standing firm on our convictions and being inventive enough to successfully reach lost souls for Christ.

By the way, usage of your website,, is at an all–time high . Continue to go there. You’ll find the first appointments of the Heralds of Grace in their entirety, exciting prerecorded livestream™ videos of all the major Commissioning events, as well as an opportunity to share your story!

— Warren L. Maye
Editor in Chief

Article taken from the printed SAconnects Magazine

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