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‘A day to remember’

Anticipation was in the air as 615 Salvationists from the Northeast Ohio Division filed past tall trees facing beautiful Leesville Lake and filled the chapel benches of Camp NEOSA. They were eager to affirm the camp’s rally day theme, “We Believe.”

The service began as the newest officers and candidates for the division marched in. Lt. Colonel Louisa M. Wood, special guest, offered a charge and a prayer for the candidates who will soon begin their studies at the College for Officer Training. Majors Evan P. and Suzanne R. Hickman, divisional leaders, enrolled 23 junior soldiers and 24 senior soldiers.

The Majors Hickman also recognized Corps Sergeant Major Ronald Marple, a retired schoolteacher from Bellaire, Ohio, as the “Soldier of the Year.” Marple received the award in recognition of his distinguished service as a Salvation Army soldier and for leading many people in the ways of the Lord.

The Candidate’s Fund received generous pledges and a special offering of $54,798.79 toward the training of the future officers.

Eric Dina, divisional music director and bandmaster, led the praise team and the divisional band. The audience enjoyed “The Parable of the Light,” performed by the Territorial Arts Ministry team (TAM) Conservatory group under the leadership of its director, Carol Jaudes. Timbrelists from the Akron, Ohio (Citadel) Corps, who had placed 2nd in their category at the Territorial Star Search Competition, ministered to the crowd with “Shine Down.”

Lt. Colonels Louisa M. and Norman E. Wood, special guests, read God’s Word and offered a thoughtful message from Psalm 47 entitled “Password Not Required.”

The service culminated with many people kneeling at the mercy seat to recommit their lives to Christ and to seal their commitments to serve Him.

The rally continued with a picnic, carnival, and a variety of outdoor activities that made this time together a day to remember.

—Major Diana Capanna is the divisional
community care ministries secretary

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